Friday, June 25, 2010

Cupcake Carnival

One crafty thing that I love to do is bake and decorate cakes and cupcakes.  While I was cruising around the web I came upon a Cupcake Carnival that is being hosted by Attempting Creative

I thought that I would show off some of the cupcakes and cupcake cakes that I have made in the past:

Polka Dot Cupcakes for a Baby Boy Shower
Pink and Green Daisies for a Baby Girl Shower

Daisy Cupcakes for my sweet Amberlin (yes, I am that OCD that I made my own cupcakes!)

Nest cupcakes for Baby Boy Hall
A Horse themed cupcake cake for my Aaron's 3rd birthday
A cupcake cake for Aaron's 4th birthday. . . yep you guessed it Go Diego Go themed!
I hope you will join in on the fun . . . but today is the last day so go over to the Cupcake Carnival and check out all the fun cupcakes that are on display. 

(And for some reason blogger is being persnickity and will only allow to me post my pictures left aligned.  Don't like it at all!  Hopefully I will figure out what is going on.)

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